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Sharing local memories

Remembering Newsome

Remembering Newsome is an initiative by people living and working in Newsome. We are working together to build a wider understanding of what dementia is and how people can live well with dementia in Newsome.

We are building a local memory box and need your help. We would like you to share photographs of life in Newsome over the decades 1940’s 1950’s 1960’s and 1970’s.

In particular we are asking you to share pictures you or members of your family have taken. We would like to collect pictures under a number of themes

  • Family and life at home
  • School life and education
  • Working life
  • Sport and recreation
  • Faith Communities
  • Places, the local community and neighbourhood

Please bring pictures you are willing to share to the next Newsome Community Forum meeting at Newsome High School on the 11th of September at 6.00 p.m. or contact alan.williams@unitedresponse.org.uk

The pictures will be collated on the internet…

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The Paying-It-Forward Payoff

Around the UK in 14 days

Around England & Wales in 14 days

Nurture Development

Perhaps not as intrepid nor far-reaching as the inspirational venture behind the title of my blog (Around the World in 80 Days), next week sees the start of an adventure that is no less exciting. You may have an inkling about this if you’ve been following our Twitter feed lately… we may have been a little preoccupied with it!

Yes, next week we are delighted to welcome Jim Diers to UK shores. The world renowned community builder has many accolades:

But the one that we’re most proud about – there may be some bias here – is Jim’s association with Nurture Development

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Do we stand on common ground?

Nurture Development

I train and mentor Community Builders. They go out and find Connectors. Connectors ask people what they care about. People get themselves organised and change lives for the better. Straight forward enough.

Enter the corporate, governmental, professional and academic institutions. They are also there to help, they say, “pay us and we will use our products, programmes, skills and knowledge and fix people.”

Put these two elements together and you have the ideal conditions for a gestalt – a system where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Much more is made possible: a civil society, transformed neighbourhoods, well supported local public services and even a participatory democracy.

First however, in order for this to happen, everyone involved has to answer, with hand on heart, three simple questions:

  1. How can what we do enhance what you do?
  2. Are we prepared to take risks and try something new?

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Do we stand on common ground?

Do we stand on common ground?.

Timebanking UK Spring Newsletter

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