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What people in Newsome said about timebanking

We asked people what they thought about Timebanking in Newsome,  this is what they said.

  •   “Timebanking is particularly good in our community, allowing people to benefit from skills on offer without having to use money.  Good to work with an agency with similar values”…Timebanking “gave us (at the luncheon club) the opportunity to move things forward by having people available to help.  Brought people together who wouldn’t get together through normal networking opportunities.”     Reverand Chris Hawley Longley and Lowerhouses Community Church
  •  “I’ve seen more people joining in community activities.  I’ve seen new friendships develop.  I’ve seen people experiencing difficulties, being helped by volunteers.  It has helped us develop a successful food growing project which has captured the attention and imagination of people across the authority. It has inspired people to take more of an active role in their neighbourhoods.” I’d like to see more of the same.  It takes time to build confidence in people to take part in any initiative, but people now believe in this, it has a positive track record, and it needs to continue.  I’d like to see more people getting involved and helping each other out.   Julie Stewart-Turner Chair of Newsome Community Forum.
  • “I think Timebanking is… very valuable …. as it works in communities and with individuals to help build or rebuild their lives.” Pam Kent of the Local Ecumenical Partnership.
  •  “I’ve seen more people joining in.  I’ve seen people experiencing difficulties, being helped by volunteers.  It has helped us create more activities within sheltered. (Housing )”  Mel, the manager of a local sheltered housing project.

Other timebankers said,

  • “I was surprised and pleased to find out that so many people were working and giving their time to help other people”
  • “It’s brilliant to be able to join in things with other people”

 People United Response  support said,

  •  “I like helping other people” 
  •  “I have made new friends”

 One of United Response’s support workers said,

  •  “The people I support have grown in confidence as well as  benefited from practical  help;  house moving, painting and decorating”

An interview with Rachel

Rachel, our timebanking coordinator, answers some questions about Timebanking in Newsome.


What do you spend your time doing?

Listening to people, finding out what’s going on in the community. 

Looking for opportunities for people to accept help and experience timebanking.

Encouraging others to make use of timebanking – I’m always looking for people who have different skills and experiences.

What’s the hardest part of your job?

Getting people to accept help and to realise that not only are people willing to help but one person asking for help benefits everybody. 

How have you overcome this problem?

Sometimes groups ask for help when individuals seem to treat asking for help as a sign of weakness. Once people see the benefits, more people start to use timebanking. 

What are you most pleased about?

The friendships that have developed and the difference it’s made to people, people are no longer strangers. People are working together make things happen, and their confidence is increasing with every timebanking experience. 

What have you learned?

People don’t think they have anything to offer, when the thing people value the most is simply the companionship of others.

What would you like to see happen in future?

I’d like to see more people and organisations supporting timebanking in Newsome and elsewhere in Huddersfield, making it easier for people to trust each other.

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