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Do we stand on common ground?

Nurture Development

I train and mentor Community Builders. They go out and find Connectors. Connectors ask people what they care about. People get themselves organised and change lives for the better. Straight forward enough.

Enter the corporate, governmental, professional and academic institutions. They are also there to help, they say, “pay us and we will use our products, programmes, skills and knowledge and fix people.”

Put these two elements together and you have the ideal conditions for a gestalt – a system where the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Much more is made possible: a civil society, transformed neighbourhoods, well supported local public services and even a participatory democracy.

First however, in order for this to happen, everyone involved has to answer, with hand on heart, three simple questions:

  1. How can what we do enhance what you do?
  2. Are we prepared to take risks and try something new?

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